miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012


Nuevo look compuesto por esta chaqueta plateada de Zara de rebajas (9, 90€!). Le he añadido este cuello de pelo de conejo de otro abrigo, y me parece que la combinación queda perfecta!!
Los botines son unas Wellington de “Marc by Marc Jacobs” de la temporada pasada. Me encantan, pero este año como apenas ha llovido no las he podido lucir mucho!

 New look made with this silver cardigan from Zara that I bought on sales (9,90 €!).
I added this rabbit-fur neck fro another coat, and I just think the combination is lovely!

The booties, which are a Wellingtons, are from “Marc by Marc Jacobs” from the last season. I love them, but as it’s not raining at all this year in Madrid I can’t wear them as much as I would like!


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  1. I love the combo. The cremé of the crop is definitely the fur. Tying up your hair to a bin is definitely being out the look better LOVE 💙💜


  2. hey dear love ur fur coat, u look lovely here.. nice blog if u like mine too may b v can follow each other

  3. great outfit!


  4. Qué chula!! Me encanta! Muaá guapa